Are ManeMaxx® Hair Extensions right for me?

ManeMaxx® bonding product for hair extensions, the hair extension product TemBond®, is a natural and non-toxic formula containing naturally occurring lipids (waxes and fats) which happen in nature, naturally and contain no chemicals or chemical formulas associated with glues. Further, you’ll have no need for chemicals or oily toxic removers for taking out the extensions. 

This makes it a very safe way to wear permanent hair extensions

Still, there are a few further scenarios you will want to go through to determine if hair extensions are right for you.

►If you are under any medical care, obtain permission before proceeding with an installation of hair extensions. (There are no metals involved in this hair extension method.)

►Anyone with eczema, psoriasis, skin allergies or excessive general sensitivity with the skin. Do an allergy test at consultation and 48 hours prior to installation of the hair extensions. Place a small amount of bond in the hair just behind your ear. Look for redness, swelling, bumps or irritation in this area prior to proceeding with a full install.

►If you are taking medications or under treatment for cancer, you should wait until treatments are complete and get permission from your doctor before putting in your hair extensions.

►If you are suffering significant hair loss or taking medications for hair loss you probably should not wear hair extensions. It would be recommended you test a few bonds to see if this is right for you and your hair.

►If you have significant damage to the hair at the point of attachment. This would include weak, damaged, or broken hair at the root, you should not wear hair extensions.

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