What is TemBond® Soft Bond™?

The TemBond® is a non-glue, non-fusion soft bonding product used to gently bond strand-by-strand hair extensions into the natural hair. It is a product created especially for hair extensions from natural and non-toxic, non-glue properties. Since you aren’t using glue, fusion, or metals in your hair, the safe and gentle, non-damaging TemBond® allows your hair to grow and become fuller while wearing the hair extensions! 

The extensions can be worn for many months while washing, wearing and sleeping in your hair extensions. The bonds created using the TemBond® for hair extensions is soft and flexible which means the hair extensions are extremely comfortable.

TemBond for Hair Extensions 

TemBond Colors for Hair Extensions
The TemBond® is packaged in 3 ounce solid blocks. One package contains typically enough bond for 2 full-head hair extension applications and some to practice with, too. It is important to follow the measurement instructions and amounts of TemBond you are using. Too little can allow you to lose your attachments and too much will mean big, bulky attachments that aren’t too comfortable in the hair. (Learn more about the size of your hair bundles and how much bond you should be using for your hair extensions.)

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