Preparing extension hair for applying

ManeMaxx® Extension Hair is a healthy, gently processed extension hair and is offered on a weft in which the hairs will be removed by you, in small 1/4 inch (at the weft) bundles, before applying.

It’s easy to prepare your extension hair for applying and wearing. 

You should shampoo your extension hair BUT not with a clarifying cleanser. If there is any heavy, oily sheen to the extension hair you are using, it is advised you clean it before applying. Dirty hair or oils may negatively effect your bonds.

You should flatten all extension hair before applying, with a flat iron. This will help you line up of your bundles as well as keep strays from getting into your bonds and help eliminate tangling and matting at the scalp while your stands grow out.

Although ANY extension hair—pre-tipped, bulk, old clip-in extensions—can be used with the ManeMaxx® hair extension system, ManeMaxx® offers hair on a weft for neat and easy applying. Strands are cut through the weft and then the weft is removed to create loose strands for applying. 

making strands for hair extensions

Every Hair Extension Kit has enough bonding for4-5 FULL HEAD APPLICATIONS! The extension hair is sold separately. ManeMaxx offers extension hair to compliment your kit. (To apply, you will cut the wefts of extension hair into strands and then remove the “track” to expose loose strands for applying.)

Get a ruler! 1/8 inch thick bundles (once the weft is cut off) are ideal for using your ManeMaxx® Hair Extension Kit.

Don’t let your extension strands get turned around when applying. This causes tangling.

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