How much extension hair do I need to buy?

ManeMaxx® offers a package of hair that can be purchased with your kit. It is of the highest quality and completely trustworthy. Our customers stand by our extension hair. Sometimes 2 packages or even a half package is enough for your hair extension goals. Please go over the following to determine the amount of extension hair you will need or may want.

When a FULL PACKAGE of hair extensions are enough, typically one of the following apply:

► Your natural hair is long or thin
► You are looking for volume only
► You are purchasing under 16 inch hair extensions
► You are purchasing wavy or curly hair extensions
► You have an average size head and are looking to add length and some volume with hair extensions
► Your natural hair is average

When ADDITIONAL hair extensions should be added typically one of the following apply:

► You are looking to add length and volume
► Your natural hair is quite short
► You have a large head or a lot of hair
► Your hair is very thick or you are adding a lot of length with hair extensions
► You are purchasing straight hair 20 inches and have shorter hair, shoulder length and above, to begin with
► You want to stock up and have plenty of extension hair on hand, for 1 or more hair extension installations

When less hair, or HALF PACKAGE, is needed typically one of the following apply:

► You are looking to add only some highlight or lowlight strands using extensions
► Your natural hair is very long
► You want to practice or add not lot of hair right now
► You only need to replace hair in one or 2 areas, for example, in the bangs or at a thinning spot
► You are using this for additional color or mixing with a full package of extension hair for your full head installation of the extensions

Note only select colors and styles of the ManeMaxx® Extension Hair can be purchased in half packages. Full packages are 3.8-4.2 ounces and half packages 1.8-2.2 ounces.
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