How long can I safely wear the hair extensions?

Typically the extension hair is worn for 3-4 months and depends on your application, care and natural hair growth.

Here you can read about my 6-months of hair extension wear.

My Six Month Hair Extension Installation

I apply my own hair extensions and I decided I would wear the extensions a full 6 months and record everything as I went along. This was an experiment. Until now, I had 3 and 4 month hair extension wear and now was the time to test it further. I was surprised when a customer let me know she wore the extensions for 9 months so I decided to see how long I could go. I put this install in on August 3rd and today is February 3rd so exactly the 6 month point now.

Here is my journey with it.

The Before Picture

Before hair extensions

First, I colored the blonde ends in my natural hair that had grown out from the root and chose 3 extension hair colors to create a blend with the result I ended up with.  I would end up installing about half a package of Dark Brown and half a package of Medium Brown and a little bit, half of half a package of Dirty Blonde.

I was going to just do the colors Dark Brown and Light Brown, but those ends were so light I felt I needed the Dirty Blonde to soften the darker colors up a bit and allow for better blending.

(I've found that all of our colors can be utilized to create ANY color you need and allow for seamless blending of the hair extensions.  It is a very cool thing and if you need color help, don't hesitate to ask, we are happy to help!)

My Application

I worked to make my hair extension bonds smaller and thinner than I ever have before. (Probably less than half of what you see on the application DVD!)

This took my install time from 3-4 hours to 7-8, but it has been worth it!  I was able to wear a high ponytail comfortably and right after installing the hair extensions.  (Usually a week or so of growth is needed for that same result.) 

And this would end up to be the most comfortable install I had ever worn.  Quite secure, too.  (I'll show you later the handful of bundles I've lost over a 6 month period,and all in the first few months.  I've lost really nothing these last 3.. a couple of worn-down teeny tiny bundles and that's it!)

A During Picture

What TemBond hair extension bond looks like 

I'm going to say that the bundles of hair were 1/8 inch in thickness and then dipped about 1/2-3/4 inch.  This did leave me with 1/2 to 3/4 inch in length bonds. (I know they look longer, I think that's just the very thin strands making it look that way.)

After ManeMaxx® Hair Extensions I applied Myself

After the hair extension installation and upon completion of my diy hair extension job, I liked it right away.  Although I did think I could use more volume. (When you are going very short, like my hair was before, to very long, 16 inches or more, you are going to need a lot of extension hair to create fullness and a consistent, even finished result.) 

So, the next day I decided to add a couple more rows of hair to the sides and fill-out the hair extension install a little more. (The photo here would be before I added more and the photo of the back shot below would be after more extensions were added to the sides.)

The After Photos

It was a lot of fun showing off my new brunette look.  (I had been blonde for over a decade!) 

The colors I chose left me with a perfect blend (not a spot on match but you'd have a hard time seeing that.) And I was really happy with the amount of hair and the length was perfect until this all grew out a few inches.

Tiffany Twist Hair Extensions

Once it was getting caught under my arms and pulling while I was sleeping, I decided to shorten it up a bit...(a lot actually!)

Mid-Install: 4 Months

At the 4 month point I cut the hair to about where a 12-14 inch install would fall.  What a fun change this was and without having to do a take down and reinstall!  I used a heated vibrating razor that I found at Sally's and on the clearance rack. I razor-ed away, leaving many different lengths to the ends of this hair until I felt the blunt-cut edge was not really noticeable.

Style straight extension hair with waves

This straight extension hair gave was giving me a nice wave at this point, blending with the natural wave in my own hair.

End of install - 6 Months

The hair now, and this install at 6 months, is as comfortable as ever. 

The ManeMaxx® Extension Hair is absolutely fine. No tangles, no poofing, nothing we hate about extension hair happening here! 

Check out this photo of the hair this morning.  I washed and scrunched it in a ponytail holder, dried it under the hand dryer at the gym (I know, but all the hand-held dryers were taken!) Just a little run through with the fingers, no brushing or combing of the hair at all...

That's the hair update, but what about those tiny bonds?  Well, they are the most  comfortable, unnoticeable, secure of any of my installs, I think.  I love them.  They haven't changed really at all, just so grown out! Most of them (that started mid-ear to near my crown) are below my ear and to the base of my neck!

Hair extensions after 6 months

I will try to get a few more photos edited and although I wanted to take video of the bonds it just wasn't working out for me. You really can't see anything since the bonds are brown, my hair is brown and the extensions are brown.

Take Down Time!  Removing the Extensions

Six months is a long time to wear the hair extensions. My hairs had grown out about 5 inches and most of them formed small tangles that took some time to remove.

First, I broke out all the bonds by hand, many times 5 or more bundles at once.  This step went really fast, about 20 minutes.  Then I used olive oil to dissolve the TemBond and slick up the hair.  I then carefully slid the natural hairs from the shed hairs which had tangled around the natural hair.  Once they are untangled, a group of shed hairs is removed. 

So, after a few shampoos to remove the oils, the 6 month install is out!  I went for a trim and the stylist says everything looks great, no damage whatsoever (I already knew that anyway..!)  And now I've started some foiling (yep, bringing back the blonde!)

Thanks for letting me share!


I use PUREOLOGY Hydrate Shampoo and Hydrate Conditioner when wearing my hair straight.  To get the wave to my straight extension hair, I change up my conditioner to this.

Products to use with hair extensions
Then I scrunch the hair while drying and spritz with a little holding spray, if needed.
You can find it at Sally's: Ion Effective Care Treatment, $9.99

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