I took my extensions out and can't get all the bond out. Why is it stuck in my hair?

The bond doesn't attach to your hair but, after removing and once you break up as much bond as you can, you will deal with the shed hairs. The shed hairs hold small pieces of bond in your hair at the roots. Some residue does remain caught in shed hairs which need to be removed carefully. You never want to tear these tangles out of your hair but untangle them carefully. It helps to first comb the tangles toward your scalp, then out from the hair, slipping the hairs from the tangle individually.

Again, the bond residue is not attached to your hair, it is just held there by your naturally shed hairs which can always be carefully untangled and combed from the natural hair without ripping your own hair. There may be hundreds or thousands of shed hairs which come out when remove your extensions. You will comb these shed hairs toward your scalp, the way they were before they came out, then carefully detangle the strands and release the residue.

You may want to use olive oil, which is wonderful for your hair, to dissolve the residue and make the tangles slippery for removing. Dawn dish-soap will then cleanse the oil from your hair. After that, you can shampoo as normal.

Rita writes in her review, “I have had many high priced extensions and feel this is less maintenance and better product for the fraction of the price. Manemaxx is the place if you want hair extensions that will last and last. No shedding, and I can use most of my favorite products. LOVE this!”

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