What do unnatural shed hairs look like?

A naturally shed hair has a small hard bead on the end that you can feel. If you are finding hairs without this hard bead, and, in fact, there is a sticky, soft end to the hair that you can feel, this is a living root and not a shed hair. If this happens, change what you are doing to your hair.

Broken hairs will have no tips, no bulbs, hard or soft, such as broken from too hard combing, or from over-processing.

*Please note this is only added for education and has never been an issue with the hair extension wear associated with our hair extension products. We are noted by far too many professional hair extension users and testers that this non-damaging hair extension product and system offers absolutely safe, damage-free hair extension wear and has never caused any kind of unnatural hair loss with wearing the hair extension product.

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