My bonds are soft/hard and shaped funny!

After using your ManeMaxx® Hair Extensions, and once you have finished those first steps and after the attachment has taken hold, you may GENTLY roll any of the pinched bond around the hairs at the root. You can only do this if the bond is somewhat soft and flexible after your attachments have dried and set.

You do not ever want to force rolling of a hard bond but you may force the rolling of a flexible bond AFTER IT HAS DRIED AND SET.

If your hair extension bonds are too hard and you FORCE the roll, you could break your bond and make it susceptible to soaking up water while washing and further breaking up the bond from the inside out.

Humidity will make a difference in how fast your bond dries to accommodate rolling. In very dry/cool air you may get no chance to roll just after placing the bond and thus will want to wait until you have washed your hair and allowed it to dry for many hours before shaping and rolling gently.

In high humidity situations the bond will stay flexible longer, thus allowing for gentle rolling JUST AT THE TIP TOP and around the root while applying. If you like this option better, it may help to warm up the area in which you will be applying or use a humidifier/space heater to increase the warmth and dampness in the air.


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