My hair extension bonds are mushy. What can I do?

This may be caused by a couple things. It is more than likely to be product residue which is left in your hair, i.e., hair-sprays and conditioners not thoroughly cleansed and rinsed from your head. And/or this could be your natural scalp oils being trapped under hair and bonds which you aren't accustomed to. First, try to fix this by *thoroughly* cleansing your hair. Make a conscious effort to scrub your non-sulfate shampoo into your scalp and between all your bonds. Shampoo twice, even, for best results. Now, rinse thoroughly, like 10 minutes of rinsing. Separate your hair into sections and let the water run through. Feel the water touching every inch of your scalp and keep rinsing even beyond the amount of time you've become bored with it (your results will be worth it!). Washing well and rinsing thoroughly will give you clean, crisp bonds. If your problem persists, there could be an application issue.

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