I have small tangles at the ends of my extension hair, why?

This can occur when fallen hairs, hairs that are naturally shed from your scalp, don't quite make it out of your hair but fall somewhere and become tangled in the hair you are wearing. A good brushing with a looper brush will help remove these fallen hairs. You shed 50-100 hairs daily so getting these off your head and into your brush is the best way to keep your hair tangle-free. Clients are free to select their own sources for extension hair and extension hair which has cuticles going in opposite directions will tangle. Typically, you get what you pay for and need to make sure you are using and working with a reputable source for your hair.

Erica says, “It is the best product out there. Any other system just ruins the hair or you have to buy expensive clip-in's that do not look that great - plus they fall off... Tembond is the greatest hair extension system ever!! I researched so many types of extensions and the application process and nothing beats Tembond. I would recommend this product to anyone that has always wanted to have extension, but were to scared to try it!

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