What to use to brush and comb your hair extensions

Taking care of your hair extensions along with your own hair is really important to great looking hair extensions. The proper tools can get ratty looking, tangling hair extensions smooth and pretty in no time once you implement the proper steps and tools to care for your extension hair and hair extensions.

There are 4 types of brushes and combs which work great for brushing and combing hair extensions while taking care of your own hair while wearing any type of hair extension.

1.) The Wide Tooth Comb

The wide tooth comb is used to remove large tangles from the hair extensions and extension hair. It is best to use this type of comb just out of the shower after washing and conditioning your hair and in the morning after removing your ponytail or the loose braid you wore while sleeping in your hair extensions.

When to use: Hair can be wet or dry.
How to use: Hold hair at the hair extension attachments while running the wide-tooth comb first from the ends down, then half way through the length of the hair down. Finish by combing just below the attachments down through the length of the extension hair.
Where to buy: Find a wide-tooth comb with smooth teeth. Any beauty supply store should give you a nice selection.

Because the wide tooth comb allows larger sections of the longer hair to slide between its spaces, or teeth, the wide tooth comb won't catch the small tangles and remove my hair extension before I want it to making this a great tool to use just out of the shower or before I attempt brushing or combing my hair extensions with a finer toothed brushing or combing tool.

2.) The Looper Brush

Gone are the days of tangled shed hairs and extension hairs at the root. Now the hair brush can go to places it hasn't gone before. The looper brush makes it possible to free some of those shed hairs and detangle some of those hair extension strands.

The looper brush is a very special hair brush designed for use with strand-by-strand hair extensions.

When to use: Hair can be wet or dry.
How to use: Be sure all your hair extension tangles are combed out with your wide-tooth comb. Run your looper brush from your scalp through to about half way down the length of your hair extensions. Using the looper brush at your scalp will help remove naturally shed hairs which are not caught in your hair extension attachments, cleaning out these hairs which may be tickling your scalp and causing it to itch as well as separating tangled hair extension bundles and strands.
Where to buy: These specialty hair extension brushes can be purchased at beauty supply stores such s Sally's or online through specialty beauty shops or Amazon. Google, "looper brush for hair extensions."

Because the straight hard pokey bristle of a standard hair brush has been replaced with a loop, a bristle will not catch a strand of extensions and pull it out. The loop allows for the "looped" bristle to simply slide over the attachment, leaving it unharmed while getting the benefit of brushing at the root, while wearing hair extensions.

3.) Fine Tooth Comb

A fine tooth comb is a great tool for you while wearing your hair extensions, but one that should be used sparingly. This is the one tool with the most power to remove your hair extensions before you want to, if you are not careful with it.

When to use: Should be used on dry hair only.
How to use: Use your find tooth comb to help separate your hair extension bundles at the base. Do this carefully. Use your fine-tooth comb to remove shed hairs which have fallen to the ends of your extension hair and caused small tangles there. Be sure to hold the hair firmly at the base of your scalp, the attachment area, and at the bonds when using this type of comb on your hair extensions.
Where to buy: Any large chain store such as Walmart or Target as well as beauty supply stores, such as Sally's carry find-tooth combs.

The fine tooth comb is excellent at removing the shed hairs which fall into the length of your hair extensions and cause little tangles. In other words, the wide tooth comb is good for large, loose tangles while the fine tooth comb is best for the smaller, tighter tangles in your hair extensions. Just be sure you are holding the extension hair at the attachment because, again, that fine tooth comb is very powerful, enough to tug an extension right out of your hair and even your head!

4.) The Bristle Brush

The bristle brush will be your finishing brush, your smoothing brush.

The finer, closely placed bristles of this type of hair brush will remove the smallest of tangles while you dry and style the length of your hair extensions with your hair dryer, flat iron or curling iron.

There are many to choose from when it comes to bristle brushes like these. You can choose from natural animal hairs or synthetic bristles, wood handles or plastic ones. There are also different strengths to these bristle brushes, from very soft to a thick plastic which would be very hard.

When to use: Hair should be dry or near dry.
How to use: Use in the lengths of your hair below your hair extension attachments. Depending on the strength of the brush, hold your hairs at the hair extension attachment while brushing.
Where to buy: Any large chain store carries a nice selection of bristle brushes at a price cheap enough to get a few to try.

It might take some experimenting to find the right brush for you and your hair extensions but choosing a soft bristle brush for fine, thin hair and a thicker, more course bristle for dense hair is a great starting point. If you are pulling out extensions while brushing, switch to a softer bristle brush. You will stop losing hair extensions while brushing if you do this.


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