About group orders and discounts

Group Orders Can Save You Money!

ManeMaxx® offers special discounts, coupons and rebates when you and your friends order together! 

Group orders can be purchased separately, by each member of the group, which makes it really easy and convenient for you to gather orders and get your discount! (Group orders are REBATES which are immediately processed as a discount percentage on your COMPLETE order. (This includes your shipping!))

What You SAVE!

► 2 Hair Extension Kits: Save 30% each! (Up to a $100 rebate total/$50 per order)
► 4 Hair Extension Kits: Save 40% each! (Up to a $300 rebate total/$75 per order)
► 5 Hair Extension Kits: Save 50% each! (Up to a $500 rebate total/$100 per order)

Step-by-Step How-To For ManeMaxx® Group Orders Discounts

1.) Gather your group and agree on a 24-hour period in which you will each place your order for your ManeMaxx® Hair Extension Kits (if you are ordering on your own, separately.)

2.) Once each of you has placed your order and received an Order #, send the Order #’s and corresponding emails in one support ticket one of you will open at on our support page here. Your rebates will be post the account you paid from within 48 hours! Fast and easy!

3.) Let us keep you posted on more discounts, too! Like us on Facebook, get on our mailing list, and follow ManeMaxx on Twitter for updates and coupons and great yearly discounts you don’t want to miss! Want more? Submit your Transformation for a $50 coupon code for ManeMaxx® you can use to spend in our store!

Once your group has ordered, email us all the Order #’s in the group order in one support ticket one of you will open at and request your discount rebates, it’s that easy!

Discount rebates are provided within 48 hours of processing.  All group orders must be made within a 48-hour period of each other. Please include your purchaser name and email as well as your login email (if they are different.)

Fast Tips To Get A GROUP ORDER Discount

Share Facebook
Facebook: Post about putting together your group order on your Facebook page! Make a status, send an invite, create a group. You’re sure to find friends who want fuller, longer, more luxurious hair, too! Like ManeMaxx Facebook page and post on our wall!

Share Twitter

Twitter: Tweet @ManeMaxx and #ManeMaxx to find others on Twitter looking for a discount on their hair extension kits. Search #ManeMaxx to look for them, too.

Share Forums
Hair Extension Forums: Post to let others know you are looking to put together a Group Order with ManeMaxx® for a discount. Here are a few of the hair extension forums online, www.DIYExtensions.netHair BoutiqueExtensions 101. Look for posts, too. Use each site’s search feature!

Share on YouTube
YouTube: Search YouTube for ManeMaxx videos to talk to others searching for, and watching, ManeMaxx® videos! Leave a comment and hopefully you’ll find others waiting to order their ManeMaxx Hair Extension Kit, too!


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