How do I remove ManeMaxx® Hair Extensions?

Removing the hair extensions can be super easy and in a few steps, with a few tips. You will not need chemicals, hair extension glue-removers, metal tools or pliers, or any other removal that would harm the integrity of the natural hair, which means you can re-use your extension hair if you want to!
You remove the extension by bending the bonds back and forth a few times to break them up. Then, gently tug the extension to free it from your hair. Each extension will leave behind a small amount of shed hair tangles which need to be carefully removed, as well. You should only need your fine tooth comb and the small removal comb included in your kit (aka eyebrow comb/brush).
After removing the hair extensions, you will have a small pile of these naturally shed hairs, which you can identify by the small hard bulb at the end of it. The extensions may be taken out in such a way that you can reuse your extension hair, if you choose to.
IMPORTANT: Remove from dry hair only! Comb out all small shed hair tangles and then shampoo and condition.
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