Help! I am losing so much hair!

After wearing thick, voluminous hair extensions for many months, you may automatically feel your hair is thinner once the extensions are removed. Add to this the sight of a mass of shed hairs with removing and it adds to this perception. Having a solid measurement before-hand, and photos of the natural hair prior to installing and wearing the hair extensions, you have the tools available to know what is really going on. 

Since many reports of hair loss hair loss are associated with hair extensions, I absolutely recommend you take these before pictures and compare them to your hair upon removal of the hair extensions 3-4 months later.

Also, you can place all of your hair, before applying your hair extensions, into a ponytail and measure it, either with an actual fabric measuring tape, or with a piece of ribbon or material cut at the width of your ponytail.

You will always feel your hair is thinner after removing so having a measurement is the true test to how, or if, your hair has thinned at all.

Because we’ve had such impressive reports of thicker, longer hair while wearing the ManeMaxx® Hair Extensions (find hair extension products here) and professional wearers who have confirmed our zero damage, no breakage, no loss hair extension method, we are confident of providing the proof with tools like this, to inform and announce a very safe and non-damaging way to apply and wear hair extensions.

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