What kind of hair is this?

There is a difference in the sizes of the extension hair shaft depending on the origin and processes the hair goes through.

Here is a photos which magnifies our hair products next to a Chinese extension hair comparing to a caucasian natural hair strand.

The Asian/Chinese extension hair is a basic extension hair you’ll find at a beauty supply store such as Sally’s.This extension hair has gone through processing and contains coatings that lend to its thickness. This may, or may not, be a huge deal for your own blending. (Most times it is not a noticeable difference and most people would never guess you are wearing hair extensions.) 

The RR is the ManeMaxx® Extension Hair strand.

You can see it is closer in thickness to the natural caucasian hair strand.

This means the blend of the extension hair and natural hair is a bit more “natural.” It is a little more discreet and “hides” a little more.

Most who wear the ManeMaxx® Extension Hair hair as opposed to the other feel the hair “becomes their own” verses an extension hair which feels thicker and a little “rough.”

Compare extension hair strands 

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