Washing your hair extensions

  1. Use cleansing and conditioning products sparingly while wearing your extensions. Test products on some of your leftover extension hair before using on your whole head.
  2. Get a shower filter (they are cheap and easy to install) or use distilled water if you have a water softener.
  3. Before you wash, remove tangles from your hair and the extension hair by brushing from the ends to roots.
  4. Brush or comb your hair extensions before washing, while your hair is dry.
  5. Always wash with your head tilted back, never forward.Use lukewarm water and mild shampoo and conditioner on your scalp, under and around and on the attachment and attachment areas. Rinse thoroughly!
  6. Wash your hair extensions carefully, do not scrub or twist the hair extensions.
  7. Carefully pat your hair dry, NEVER rub or twist the hair extensions into a towel.
  8. Water adds weight to the extension hair so to eliminate unnecessary stress to your own hair it is a good idea to wash it with a loose ponytail and/or set the extension hair on your shoulder while it's wet.
  9. Never sleep with wet hair, not even damp at the roots! 
  10. Do not ponytail wet hair. Allow the hair to dry thoroughly before tying it back or placing in a bun, etc. Terrible matting can result. 
  11. If you are looking for less extension hair maintenance wash hair extensions approximately 1-3 times per week but daily washing will not compromise the bonds. 
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