Shedding and extension loss

There should be very little to no shedding of extension hair with the correct use of the TemBond® bonding product. You'll want to follow our concise instructions on forming a very secure bond for your own hair, such as, flat ironing areas of attachment prior to attaching the extension, making sure the hair is clean (yours and the extension hair), dipping exactly to our instructions, stirring bond, etc. – please read and follow all steps of the process for the very best success.

Later, some of the hair extension bond may wear away thus loosening an extension or two, this depends on your application and usually only happens after a few weeks of washing and during the styling process, for example, brushing a tangle too aggressively tugs out an extension. This is supposed to happen. The extension is supposed to let loose of your hair so that the pulling does not tear at or break it, or pull it from the root. 

Options for this type of a situation becoming bothersome would be to get a softer hair brush or consider the extra strength boosted bond.

Also, having your hair extension bond-warmer ready to go allows you to replace your hair extensions very quickly when styling.

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