How to test the hair extension application

Testing your placement and technique is a great way to help ensure your success applying your own hair extensions.

To do this you will:

Place an extension bundle to your hair that has not been dipped into the TemBond®.
It’s like a trial run. Pretend you are dipping and place the bundle on the section of natural hair as if you were really making an attachment.
Once you develop a "memory" for this part and are able to get the bundle to your hair quite quickly, then it is time to dip it into the TemBond®.
From here, you are going to practice bonding either in the front where you can see or on a mannequin head.

Lots of trial bonding is the key to get to a place you are comfortable bonding the hair extensions throughout your whole head.

You’ll get faster and faster and applying the extensions will get easier and easier, we promise!

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