The hair extensions are making my head itch. Is there something I can do to stop it?

This can be caused by a few things.

  1. It could be product which is left in your hair, i.e., not thoroughly cleansed and rinsed from your head.
  2. This could be your natural scalp oils being trapped under hair and bonds which you aren't accustomed to.
  3. Or this could be naturally shed hairs which are caught in bonds.
  4. Or it could be any combination of these.

First, try to fix this by thoroughly cleansing your hair. Make a conscious effort to scrub your non-sulfate shampoo into your scalp and between all your bonds. Shampoo twice, even, for best results.

Now, rinse thoroughly, like 10 minutes of rinsing. Separate your hair into sections and let the water run through. Feel the water touching every inch of your scalp and keep rinsing even beyond the amount of time you've become bored with it. (Your results will be worth it!)

Once your hair is dry, brush with your looper brush and get out all the naturally shed hairs which are NOT caught in the bonds. Brush, brush, brush. 

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