I think maybe I need more practice, how best can I do this?

Use a mannequin head and warm some bond. While you are waiting for it to heat, do some practice attachments WITHOUT bond on the bundle. Get the motion of holding the hairs, and setting them on a sectioned attachment and moving your fingers to guide the top of the attachment into place. Do this over and over until it is second nature. You are doing this without the distraction of the wet bond so, just the motions. Then, dip the bundle and attach it just like you've practiced. One user told me she finally figured it out on the 34th attachment she made. Imagine if she'd quit at 33! She loved it after it "finally clicked," she said.

Autumn writes in, “I am an active socialite for my college. And there are many times when I have to get up and speak, or be one of the main attractions for hosting events. My sorority sisters and I have to maintain a certain appearance and we do with ManeMaxx! We love how edgy and sophisticated we look! It has truly given us so much confidence and we love to tell everyone about your product!”

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