I got my friend to apply for me and I don't think she did it right. What should I do?

If you are having any difficulty it is best for you to review, with your friend, all of the important steps to applying the hair extensions and note which may be a culprit for you so you can adjust the step when you try again!

This customer informs potential users, “I have only applied a full head once, so I wouldn't say piece of cake just yet, but I think with more practice it will move in that direction. It definitely wasn't difficult and I had a couple of rough starts, but it didn't take long to get the swing of it. A little persistence really pays off!

First, you will want to make 5-10 test bonds in front where you can see them and watch her, or use a mannequin head. Keep in mind, it may take you 30 bonds to understand the technique. This means, you do not want to give up on the 29th! It may be good to note that probably not everyone can just apply strand-by-strand extensions, especially themselves, but many of us can, when we read, understand and follow the instructions. (If you have too much trouble, please let us know or look for a stylist who does this type of hair extension method at

Once customer recently writes one day: "I can't do this, it isn't for me" and then a few days later writes, "I was desperate because I can't stand my thin hair, I couldn't believe it but I actually put them in myself!"

It really just takes a couple times to familiarize yourself with something new, just like anything. And usually just a couple days for our subconscious to register what we are doing and we pick it up again and have success without even realizing how or why. Your friend may do better a second and third try, too.

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